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Appetite For Destruction (1987)

GN'R Lies (1988)

Use Your Illusion I. (1991)

Use Your Illusion II. (1991)

Spaghetti Incident? (1993)

Interview (1996)

Live Era 1987 - 93 (1999)

Chinese Democracy (2009)


Dalok a nagy lemezeken: Appetite For Destruction: Welcome to the Jungle

                                                                                             It's So Easy


                                                                                             Out ta Get Me 

                                                                                             Mr. Brownstone 

                                                                                             Paradise City

                                                                                             My Michelle 

                                                                                             Think About You 

                                                                                             Sweet Child o' Mine

                                                                                             You're Crazy 

                                                                                             Anything Goes 

                                                                                             Rocket Queen